As one of our commitments to give the students experience with international community, this year we sent the Grade 8 to attend Youth Environmental Summit held by Singapore Youth Ambassador in Singapore on the January 31st—February 4th. There were around 350 students participating from 8 countries in Asia.

20180203_120832This summit focused on engaging its participants to be aware of some environmental issues that the world is facing currently. They are water pollution, solid waste pollution, biodiversity and urban planning. Students got some lectures from some experts and did a lot of discussions with friends across nations. The main goal of this summit is to build students’ social entrepreneurship skill in relation with environment.

In this program, students essentially visited some water reservoirs in Singapore, such as Pungol Waterway, Mac Ritchie Reservoir, Newater and Marina Barrage. They learnt how Singapore conserved water and its nature as well as the biodiversity in some ecosystems. The URA Gallery was also an interesting place that we visited to learn how Singapore plan its country to be built from back then until years to come. Fun activities were finely arranged by the officer in each place so the students were learning while having fun.

Our students were divided into two groups to make social enterprise project and present it20180203_162533 in front of the judges. One group talked about Less Plastic More Lives and the other one talked about Solid Waste Pollution. They put their creative ideas to solve these issues. These projects will be gradually implemented starting from the school community after they come back from the summit.

On the last day of the program, students presented their project in front of judges and the result was that the first group got gold medal and the other one got silver. This is a very good start for the students to continue giving their commitment in implementing the project in order to save the environment. Hopefully, this summit may give them endless awareness and caring about environment. This world needs them as youth to be the change makers.

1517654733387We ended this program by having cultural performances from the respective country and our students performed Tari Indang. It was so much fun to end up having new friends from across nations, countless knowledge and unforgettable experiences. We did not realize that we actually making memories. Last but not least, we are hoping that we can share the spirit of making changes in the world with our friends and our community.

For more photos, you can go to our Facebook : Grade 8 Youth Environmental Summit

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