Grade 1 Outing: Caring for Each Other

foto 2Outing program is one of the superior programs in Mutiara Harapan Islamic School which will give many knowledge and experiences for the students and teachers. Our outing program was held in Sekolah Gratis Al-Iman which located near from our school, it was in January. Our outing program was planned since a year before and all of the activities were designed by teachers as well.

In this outing program, the students were asked to give charity for the students and facilities in Sekolah Gratis Al-Iman. The students of MHIS gave the students stationary, book, color pencil, bag, sports equipment, and educational toys. The students, teachers, and parents collaborated well in preparing the charity. The teachers and parents also had a well-organized preparation. All of the things had already been given to all students in grade 1, 2, and 3 in Sekolah Gratis Al-Iman. They were so excited and grateful to get the new things for their school.

Besides that, we also had some good activities to gather all students and know each other foto 3with the different backgrounds. The activities were educational which really taught and gave the students experience about the real meaning of “grateful”. The students of MHIS were really speechless to see and know their new friends in Sekolah Gratis Al-Iman. All students joined the activities joyfully and they also got some new experiences and lessons how to be grateful of what they have now.

All activities would be a precious lesson for the students and teachers of MHIS. We were also so thankful with Sekolah Al-Iman, because they welcomed and greeted us with joy. One big thing which must be remembered is “Whatever you have now, you have to always remember when you asked everything to God”.

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