Class Meeting 2017

IMG_1257On 13th – 15th of December 2017, Mutiara Harapan Student Union successfully attempted to host their class meeting event. MHSU made the competitions for lower primary, upper primary and secondary. Overall, they made a total 12 competitions. The class meeting turned out to be a success.
The lower primary, upper primary and secondary was excited to join the competitions. There were sport, cooking, karaoke, and religion competitions. There was also a treasure hunt for lower primary.
The religion competitions were reciting adzan for secondary students and tahfidz for the primary students. As for the sport competitions, there’s something interesting. The girls had to compete in a sport that is used to be played by boys.
For the cooking competition, the lower primary students decorated cupcakes. The students were asked to decorate their cupcakes without the help of their parents. The upper primary had to make appetizers. As for the secondary students, they had to make a main course.
For the karaoke competitions, there were different categories for each levels. Every category has a different level of hardness. Each contestant was given a paper of lyrics and they had to use them as a guide. The rest of the day was filled with fun and excitement!
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