We aim to provide a fair and clear enrolment process to ensure opportunities for admission are available to all applicants. This page outlines the process, from how applications are made, and how places are offered.

The admission process varies slightly for each intake, but each application goes through a number of stages (outlined below).

  • Purchase the Registration Form at administration’s office
  • Completed and signed the registration form and return it together with needed documents
  • Register for the observation process
  • Observation will assess based on Academic, General Knowledge & Socio-Emotional
  • Once the child has complete the observation, parents will be contacted to schedule for an interview with the school principal
  • School reserves the right to decide on the eligibility of a student and the decision made are final
  • Once the child has received acceptance letter,
  • Pay for the Development Fee
  • Pay the following by appointed date:
    • Tuition Fee for July
    • Activity Fee
    • PTA Fee
    • Student’s Union Fee
  • Order for book purchase
  • Collect school uniform
  • Attend new student parent meeting