A Day with Secondary

The Secondary department will be hosting seventy one primary students who were divided into 5 groups and will engage theirselves into these five subject booths which are the Language booth (English & Bahasa), Mathematics Booth, Science Booth, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) booth and Religion booth. Every twenty minutes, these five groups will rotate to a new booth. Hold your horses and break a leg!

Mathematics booth had given the chance for every student to give their impressions about a day with secondary 2the subject which is surprisingly astounding to know such brilliant ideas like, “Mathematics is a miracle”, “Mathematics is everything” and “Mathematics is life”. Hence, it is not disputable how significant and essential for us to master the immense and colossal field of Mathematics as one Grade 5 student had said, “mastering Mathematics is for us to be able to calculate and solve numerical problems without using a calculator”.

Science booth had offered a very interesting, scrumptious and yet practical experiment and activities. The students were able to prepare chocolate milk into semi-icy creamy chocolate drink using ice and salt. They were paid off with mouth-watering succulent chocolate ice cold drink. Science is simply a staggering mind-boggling universe!

a day with secondary 3ICT booth was magical and impressive. This booth shows how to create simple anime characters. You can see how devoted students as they pour their focus in creating anime characters with amusement. Students displayed their skills and meticulousness in scrutinizing every detail about their anime character. Thus, at the end they caper as they see their characters move with their control.

Religion booth inspired students to be more sincere and modest. This booth drives students’ spiritual aspect into a higher level. They encounter new ideas on how to strengthen their relationship with Allah and met senior students and had serious discourse about religion. The students went out from this booth filled with conviction and optimism within their hearts and learned to value life as a sacred privilege given by the omnipotent and omniscient God.

Hence, the Language booth (English and Bahasa Indonesia) kept the students fascination with vocabulary quizzes, lots of language trivia and puzzles. Students did their best to show how knowledgeable they are in the language subjects. They exerted extra effort in competing against other groups to be held as the best students in terms of language efficiency. The students showed an indescribable focus just to be the first one to answer questions and chase that golden chance of winning the quizzes and puzzles. Laugher and joy were painted in this booth. Intelligence, friendship and team work were tested in their finest.

The students begged for more time to enjoy every booth but as what they had said, “all’s well that ends well”.

The program concluded in an awarding ceremony which gave immense excitement and thrill to all participants. Here is the list of the achievers in their categories.

Mathematics : Arsya G5, Bilal G5, Anaya G5; Science : Zaki G5, Rafif G6, Khalisya G6; ICT : Dafa, Anaya G5, Rafif G6 ; Religion : Ninda G6, Dinda G5, Rafif G6 ; Language (English and Bahasa Indonesia) : Amanda G5, Elang G6, Alika’s Group

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