6th grade Getaway – Malang

Getaway is one of our series of learning activities that are located outside of the school. This year, the destination is Malang, East Java. For 4 days, our students visited several tourist sites such as Mask Asmoro Bangun, Dinosaur Jatim Park 3, Mount Bromo, Selecta Park, Coban Rondo Waterfall, and “Wisata Petik Apel”.

One of the most important activities is our 6th grade students gain experience on how to teach others students (1st & 2nd grade); they teach Math, Science, English, Art, Bahasa in SDN Ngaglik 1 Batu, Malang.

This getaway was not only for visiting tourist sites, but we also challenge our students in observing the culture and conduct interviews with officers or guides during visits to all destinations. Through these activities, students are expected to become more independent and get many lessons that cannot be obtained at school.

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