MHX 3.0


MHX 3.0 was carried out smoothly on last Wednesday and Thursday. The event which was attended by 18 schools was opened with a traditional dance, Ratoeh Djaroe by our Junior High students. Then our two MCs, Attala and Alya called Egan to recite surah Al Qiyamah and continued with the recitation of prayer by Gian. Next was a welcome speech by Secondary Principal, Ms. Dea Kania, and welcome speech by our Junior High School Inspector, Mr. Hj. Muhammad Lukbi.

To all participants who joined our MHX 3.0, we would like to thank all of you for competing so passionately that makes the competition is not easy at all! 

Here is a list of winners for each branch of competition:

  • Tahfidz

1st Winner: Alivia Rizqia Nadira (@mutiara_harapan_islamic_school)

2nd Winner: Rizqia Firsananta

3rd Winner: Ratu Balqis 

  • English speech

1st Winner: Farrel Bramantio Naulitua Pane (@mutiara_harapan_islamic_school)

2nd Winner: Frizka Mariza Agiztamara

3rd Winner: Griselda Faustine

  • Basketball (boys):

1st Winner: SMP Budi Mulya 

2nd Winner: SMP Tunas Indonesia 

3rd Winner: Amalina Islamic School 

  • Basketball (girls)

1st Winner: SMPN 3 Tangerang 

2nd Winner: SMP Tunas Indonesia

3rd Winner: SMP Al-Bayan 


Congratulations to all winners! Maintain your dedication and enthusiasm to achieve more achievements! See you at MHX 4.0!

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