Pesantren Ramadan 1440 H

Pesantren Ramadan 1440 H is held for 2 days, 20 and 21 May 2019. For upper Primary and Secondary, they spend their night at school. On the first day, Secondary had their bazaar at Mutiara Harapan Islamic School parking lot. Meanwhile, our Primary had their Musabaqah Hifzil Du’a (MHD) and Quiz Bee. At noon, they listened attentively to an engaging tausiyah by Ust. Fuadh Naim with the topic “Caring for others”. After taking a rest, they made takjil for distributing to different places: motorists in Kebayoran Square and Imanudin Mosque.

In the middle of the night, our Secondaries carried out i’tikaf tarawih at the mosque, then head back to school to take a break and at midnight came back to the mosque again. For Primary students, they stayed at our musholla.

The next day, we distributed sembako packages for our neighborhood. Then we had our Primary students doing an Islamic speech, and making a postcard for their beloved ones. After that, they recited the Qur’an and we had a Public Test for Hafidz and Hafidzah who already memorize Juz 29 and Juz 30. They are Hagy, Sultan, and Kia. Check out our Instagram TV to see their performance.


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