I am pleased to welcome you to Mutiara Harapan Islamic School. At our school, we strongly believe that it is the quality of the human relationships within a school that defines it. Accordingly, a major emphasis is placed on the teaching and learning environment, which exists both within and outside the classroom environment.
International research suggests that it is the quality of teaching that has the greatest impact on student achievement and th is is of critical importance at Mutiara Harapan Islamic School. Therefore, our aim is always to provide the best all-round education in which student’s spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological and social development is enhanced.
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VISION "The Best Islamic School in Global Era"


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Outing Grade 3: get closer to living and nonliving characteristics.

As part of enriching our students’ learning experiences, our Grade…

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Outing Grade 2: Milkshakes time!

Our grade 2 students are in the middle of learning…

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Achievement: Memorization of Al Qur'an

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  • Two of the five skills programs that we focus on in Development Class are Art & Design and ICT. During yesterday's outing, we integrated those two skills together. We bring their drawings to Snapy to be printed in tumbler, t-shirts, and notebooks. Our students saw the printing process and also participated in the midst of that digital printing.

Thank you Snapy for the warm welcome, so our students can learn in a fun way!
  • After yesterday grades 2 -5 already did an outing, this time is our Grade 1’s turn! They went to Scientia Park Square for fun but also for learning some things. What they learn there is about butterflies, edible garden, rabbit island, understanding koi farm, meet David the Buffalo, paddy field, and they also do clay art. Putting theory into practice is one of a great way to commit new information to memory and bring it alive, isn’t it?

Look at the many expressions of our students that day!
  • Assalamualaykum, Parents!

Mutiara Harapan Islamic School is on Open Registration period for 2020/2021 Academic Year. Our school starts from Playgroup until Senior High and also Inclusive Class (for Primary and Junior High). We always believe that good Islamic values are learned by following them in daily life; therefore, our students will have good values, be open minded, have confidence and necessary skills to be global citizens. To those who wants to know more about us, we are pleased to welcome you to our school. You can visit us on Weekdays (08:00 AM - 04:00 PM) and Saturday (09:00 AM - 01:00 PM).
  • To explore what our students have learned in class, our grade 5 students went to Mangrove Forest, PIK as their outing. This outing not only related to science but also to art. Right there, every students divided into each group to make a poster related to art lesson about the benefits of mangrove plant and they also planting mangroves by themselves.

A nice experience not only to get to know more about science but also know how to save the environment!
  • Yesterday, our Grade 4 went to Bogor Botanical Garden as their outing. They start their activities with skeleton observation (the amount and the name of animal skeleton list). After that, they draw what the most interesting animals skeleton. And before they go back to school, they had touring area. 
What a great way to get know more about animals skeleton!
  • As part of enriching our students’ learning experiences, our Grade 3 students went to Ecopark, Ancol. They are expected to be able to identify the characteristic living and nonliving thing, also describing differences between living and non-living things using knowledge of life processes. All activities right there are handled by the licensed instructor from Ecopark.

Our students analyze some animals, such as the different between fawn and the deer and analyze how they can grow. They also plant corn seed and get an explanation of how the corn seed grows.

What a great day to learn new things!
  • Our grade 2 students are in the middle of learning about Changing Materials: knowing that some materials occur naturally and others are man-made, knowing how the shapes of some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and/or stretching; and also they can recognize that some materials can dissolve in water.

Related to that topic, our Grade 2 students went to Cimory to making a milkshake and they also get milk directly from the cow. After the activity is done, the teacher guides them to think deeply about:

Why we have to use water for making a milkshake?”
“Why we have to blend the mixing materials?”
“Is there any changing from materials that we used?”
They are very excited to learn about something they are not familiar with before!
  • “Hanya Kami semata yang menurunkan Al-Qur`ān ini ke dalam hati Muhammad sebagai peringatan bagi manusia. Sesungguhnya Kami menjaga Al-Qur`ān ini dari penambahan, pengurangan, penggantian dan penyimpangan.” [QS. 15:9]

One of our goals on Secondary is our students can memorize Al-Qur`ān Juz 30 & Juz 29 and also applying Islamic value in their daily life. Here is our student’s name who exceeding the target we asked, he memorize Al-Qur`ān Juz 30, 29, 28:

Hagy Vimulia (G9)

Thank you for exceeding the target we have set forth. Wish you continue to have self motivation for memorizing another juz and keep applying every value of the contents on Al-Qur`ān, as Usman bin Affan r.a said that Rasulullah SAW said: “the best people are those who learn and apply Al-Qur`ān.” (HR al-Bukhari)